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A new website

Who’d have thunk it

It’s been a very long time since there was a website here (More than 5 years), but I’ve resolved to write more articles about some of the more useful things I get up to in my day-job.

Part of the motivation for resurrecting a website at was to build out some foundation work using Prismic as the content management system and Zend Expressive as the server side web framework. I’ve made loads of websites using these 2 technologies for a bunch of reasons – Prismic is a much more flexible and user friendly CMS than most because it has been designed for writers, not nerds and Zend Expressive is damn quick and it's been designed for nerds, not writers. A match made in heaven!

Seriously though, Prismic is great and all, but most people using it seem to be making stuff using Javascript and mostly, that seems to be all on the client side. I'm certainly not denigrating that approach, it's just not how I roll - I prefer to do things on the server and I don't have the experience, or the trust in server-side JS to feel comfortable running it in production, and frankly, screw client side JS.

At some point I'm planning to open-source what's here, but in the mean time, there are a few repos that are being actively used that you can check out if you're that way inclined: